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Work socks & nordic socks

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Flat seam
Stapp work socks anti static
Stapp worker socks anti static in navy and black
Anti static worker socks from the Stapp brand in dark navy and black. Fine knitted, and with a flat toe seam.
Art. #27310
1 pair€ 9.00
50%polyester 30%cotton
15%polyamid 5%mix
Heavy terry work sock
Angro woolen work socks with terry sole
Woolen socks for in worker shoes or wooden shoes from the Angro brand. With reinforced heel and toe, and with a terry cushioned sole.
Art. #35010
1 pair€ 7.00
40%polyamid 20%acrylic
Stapp work socks Yellow casual
Stapp yellow casual work socks in navy
Navy colored Stapp worker socks in sets of three pair. This style has full terry in the foot, up to the ankle, so not just underneath the sole.
Art. #4400
3 pair€ 7.00
24%polyester 3%elastan
Stapp work socks Yellow casual
Stapp yellow casual work socks in black
Black worker socks from the Stapp brand with a layer of terry in the foot up to the ankles. The brandname Stapp is embroidered underneath the sole.
Art. #4400
3 pair€ 7.00
24%polyester 3%elastan
Apollo worker
Sets of cotton worksocks in black, grey, and navy
Sets of three pair cheap worker socks, all three the same color, which have a re-inforced heel and toe. Cotton rich and with a terry cushioned sole.
Art. #22430
3 pair€ 6.00
22%polyester 3%elastan
Stapp atlas work socks
Stapp worker socks in various colors
The original Stapp work sock. More expensive than most other styles we stock but, because they are so strong, worth their money. Only available in navy and denim.
Art. #
1 pair€ 9.00
20%wool 15%acrylic
Apollo thermal socks
Set of three pair black thermal socks
Extra heavy thermal work socks from the Apollo brand. Set of three pair in black/grey tones. Can only be shipped in a box.
Art. #25925-001
3 pair€ 10.00
40%acrylic 20%polyamid
Angro worker meraklon
Angro work socks wool with meraklon
Angro work sock with meraklon, which is a very strong artificial fiber. The heel and toe are reinforced to make them even more durable.
Art. #25006
1 pair€ 7.50
Merino wool
Nordic socks 80% merino wool
Black or grey nordic socks from 80% high quality merino wool, a wool type which has the advantage that it doesn't itch. We rolled back 1 pair to show the inside. Do not put these into a dryer.
Art. #S5/S25
1 pair€ 14.50
80%merino wool
18%polyamid 2%elasthan
Stapp nordic socks
50% woolen stapp nordic socks
Pre-shrunk very strong nordic sock from the Stapp brand, style Malmo. With flat toeseam and also available in big sizes.
Art. #26303
1 pair€ 8.50
Nordic sock norwegian
Nordic socks norwegian with 44% wool
Heavy nordic socks (litterally) in sets of three, which can only be sent in a box because of their volume.
Art. #24010-000
3 pair€ 9.00
44%wool 38%polyester
12%acrylic 6%polyamid
Stapp work socks Boston coolmax
Stapp coolmax socks boston
Very ventilating coolmax socks to combat sweat. Coolmax is a special yarn that enables the sock to 'breath'.
Art. #27410
1 pair€ 9.50
40%cotton 25%coolmax
20%polyamid 15%mix
Stapp Boston thermo work socks
Stapp boston thermo work socks
Thermal work socks from Stapp with a flat toe seam and a little bit of merino wool. They have a reinforced heel and toe for extra strength.
Art. #27450
1 pair€ 10.00
30%polyester 34%polyacrylic
17%merino 19%mix
Stapp thermal super
Stapp socks thermal super in navy and denim
We have two types of Stapp thermal socks, and this is the thickest of the two. Half wool, and with flat toe seam. Available in dark navy and denim.
Art. #27209
1 pair€ 10.00
43%polyamid 7%acrylic
Nordic sock big size
Nordic socks big size in grey and beige
Nordic socks in a big size which are pre-washed and, because of that, will shrink less. Sets of two pair with two grey tones or two beige tones.
Art. #D6581
2 pair€ 9.00
49%wool 22%polyacrylic
21%polyester 8%mix

Work socks info

If you rather want thinner or cheaper work socks then you can also have a look on the page with sports socks. We have those in plain black and navy as well.

Work socks in big sizes

It's not easy to find work socks, not even for us, in big sizes (bigger then size 50), but we do have black sports socks in bigger sizes up to size 54 on their own page, so maybe that's an option.

Those are a bit thinner then most work socks, but thicker then normal socks.
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