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Terms and conditions

We will not put down 367 terms and conditions on this page, 4 is more than enough.
1 - You order and pay, then you can count on us to deliver.

Goods will be shipped after receiving your payment. That way we can make life easier for ourselves because we never have to worry about payments. If you would rather pay afterwards then that's only possible via Klarna, who then take over the invoice from us.

2 - Items not to your liking? You can return them without any reason and you will get a refund.

If not used of course. The package may be opened to see whether or not the goods are ok. There is no timelimit involved, you return items whenever you like. Refunds do not include the shippingcosts, unless of course, we made a mistake in the delivery in which case it is our fault.

Our returnaddress can be found on the package(s), but also in the confirmation email or on the contact page.

3 - In the event that an item can't be supplied anymore, you will get your money back.

This also goes if part of your order is out of stock. All items on the site are in stock, and the site is updated straight away when we run out of something, but we're not gonna be difficult about it if and when it happens.

4 - The satisfaction of the customer is our top priority.

And has been ever since we started here in the Netherlands in 1987. When we started our site in 2004 we didn't see any reason to change that policy. A happy returning customer is of course what we're aiming for. Non returning customers don't generate revenue, so we aim to please.

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