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Things about the delivery that you might want to know.
Orders paid via iDEAL, Paypal, or Klarna, are shipped straight away with PostNL. When paying via a regular wire transfer we will wait till the payment has arrived before shipping, unless agreed upon otherwise of course. If your order can't be shipped (anymore) on the same day you order, then that will be done on the first following business day.

It makes sense to order more than one item (especially if you live outside the netherlands) because of the relatively high shipping costs. The more you order the less it will be per item.

You can check the shipping costs in advance by viewing your basket after you have selected one or more items. It is adjusted live every time something changes, so you can see the costs before you actually click the order button.

If your order is shipped in more than one envelop there is a chance they will not all arrive on the same day. The rest will follow shortly then.

Your order will be shipped in opaque envelopes which are waterproof and not tearable to protect the items during the shipping. With parcels everything will be put in a cardboard box.

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