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Privacy statement

How do we process your data?
We use your personal data for shipping purposes only. It is not stored on the server in a database, your name and address are stored on our own computer (thus not on the internet server) and are not shared with any third party.

Your data will also be stored on your own computer through cookies, just like the items that you select.

The cookie with the items expires after 24 hours or when you place the order. So if you accidently close your browser everything will still be there, unless 24 hours have passed. Your address will be remembered by your computer for 1 year after your last visit, so that you don't have to type that again with a following order.

We do not send any unrequested emails to your email-address, you will only receive an email if you asked us a question, or emails regarding an order you have placed. These emails do not have attachments and are written and send in plain (no html) text to prevent any viruses from intruding. If you ever receive an unexpected email with our address as sender (and you didn't place an order or asked us a question), then please don't open it and throw it away. That email didn't come from us then.

And in general: Never click a link in an email regardless the sender, unless you are really sure that it is to be trusted. Clickable links in emails are a common way to start pieces of code, better to be safe than sorry.

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