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In the past customers have emailed us the questions below. For your (and our own) convenience we have listed and answered the common ones here.

Socks without seam and with flat seam, what is the difference?

Both terms are commonly used, but 'without seam' is technically not correct although it's sometimes even stated on the label of the socks. Socks are knitted as 'tube' and then have to be closed at the toe. This results in any case in a visible seam, and it used to mean that there automatically was a ridge at the toe from the stitching. Nowadays you see more often that it is done in such a way that the seam is flat, which is good news for people that have sensitive feet.

Seamless socks (pardon, socks with flat seam) are a little bit more expensive to make, but luckily the difference isn't that great and there's more and more choice in them.

Can I pay you directly with my creditcard?

No, You can only pay us with an international banktransfer or with Paypal. iDEAL and Klarna are also an option, but those require either that you have a Dutch bank account, or that you live in Holland. If you have a creditcard attached to your Paypal account then it is no problem of course. If you choose Paypal on the check-out page you will be taken to their secure site automatically. You can then create an account if needed, or if you already have one, make the payment.

I clicked away the checkout-page too fast, now I don't know how to pay you?

Within 24 hours you will receive a confirmation-email containing all the order details plus instructions on how to pay us when you're not on the site.

I have paid my order and it has been a while now, but I still didn't recieve any goods?

That can have 2 causes:
1-Your payment has not been received yet. Especially with international banktransfers it can take quit some time to come through.
2-Some items were out of stock and had to be ordered by us with our supplier, as a result of that your order can be delayed.

I want to exchange or give back socks but it has been a couple of weeks since I purchased them, is it still possible?

Sure, no problem at all. As long as they are not used you can always send them back to the address that you can find on the parcel, in the confirmation-email, and on the contact page. There is no timelimit involved.

I want to order something but I can't place any items in my shopping basket?

It is possible that Javascript is turned off in your browser. Javascript is needed on our site to work properly.

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