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Socks & other legwear

All kinds of knee highs, tights, pantyhoses and socks.

Most of the socks and other items that we sell will fit through the letterbox, so you don't have to be home at the time of the delivery. With larger orders it's often cheaper to use parcels, but the choice is yours.

The shippingcosts will be clearly shown beforehand when you click the 'view basket' button in the top right corner after you have selected one or more items, and they include the packaging costs.

Returning items can be done without time limit as long as the items are not used.

On pages where it's applicable you can select a size, and that page will then be updated without reloading, so you will only see items in the chosen size. For example if you choose size "EU 40 | UK 6.5", then all items with that size in the size-range will be shown. That sorting option will be removed if there are simply no sizes to choose from, like with the women's legwarmers, or if there's only one size available, or left.

The socks and other legwear on this site are intended for consumers, although orders from companies are also more than welcome of course, but that means all prices have the VAT taxes included. Prices are in euro currency, and payments can be done through PayPal, with a regular banktransfer, with iDEAL, or afterwards via Klarna. The latter two have special requirements, so please click their icons at the bottom for more information.

Please email or call us if you experience any problems, or if you are looking for a specific type of socks.

Some examples of the items we have:
Various patterns
Soft baby socks with antislip and turnover top

Four pair of soft antislip socks for babies in blue tones and various patterns like stars and stripes. The rubber forms the text 'happy baby'.

Art. #60033-006
 4 pair €
72%polyester 24%polyamide 4%elastan.
Fantasy mix
Women's sock with various patterns in blue and grey

Five socks for women with various patterns in blue and grey tones. The denim color doesn't have a pattern.

Art. #51334
 5 pair €
75%cotton 20%polyester 5%elastan.
Lurex circles/stripes/stars
Lurex kneehighs with circles, stripes, and stars

Set of three pairs in black with silver colored lurex yarn. The patterns (circles, stripes, and stars) are woven with that glitter yarn.

Art. #31028-077-B
 3 pair €
75%cotton 22%polyester 3%elastan.
Macahel cotton
Plain red and purple men's socks

Cotton rich men's dress socks in red, orange, lime-green, turquoise, pink, and purple.

Art. #sk-he1
 1 pair €
80%cotton 18%polyamid 2%elastan.
Ultrasox with cushioned sole.
Black sneakersocks with a higher heel and terry cushioned sole

Very soft black seakersocks with a higher heel against slipping, and a terry sole with the size woven into it. With flat toeseam and embroidered size.

Art. #sneaker-bsz-000
 3 pair €
85%cotton 10%polyamid 5%elastan.
Macahel jigsaw
Socks for men with jigsaw pieces all over

Men sock with jigsaw pieces all over in various colors. The color names in the options refer to the base color of the socks, the color the top has.

Art. #SMA-0337
 1 pair €
80%cotton 18%polyamid 2%elastan.
Nordic sock norwegian
Nordic socks norwegian with 44% wool

Heavy nordic socks (litterally) in sets of three, which can only be sent in a box because of their volume.

Art. #24010-000
 3 pair €
44%wool 38%polyester 12%acrylic 6%polyamid.
Thermo with stripes
Thermo tights for kids with stripes in bright colors

Thick striped kid's tights with a terry cushion in the whole tight, which makes them warmer than the other tights we sell.

Art. #D5768
 1 pair €
75%cotton 22%polyamid 3%elasthan.
Yellow moon brand
Yellow moon plain tights

Cotton rich kids tights from Yellow moon in navy (almost black), ocher yellow (called mais on the label), and aubergine.

Art. #9300
 1 pair €
70%Cotton 25%polyamid 5%elastan.
20 denier satin sheer anti press
20 denier anti-press

20 denier satin sheer kneehigh with very soft wide top.

Art. #409
 1 pair €
84%polyamid 16%lycra.
60 denier microfibre
60 denier pantyhoses in ochre, army, and dark red

Soft and smooth 60 denier pantyhoses from microfibre in ochre yellow, army green, and chili pepper (dark red).

Art. #16250
 1 pair €
90%polyamid 10%elasthan.
Terry cushioned anti-slip socks
Homesocks with anti-slip bottom

Nice warm, fully terry cushioned, home socks from Basset in dark lilac, pink, and fuchsia.

Art. #8600
 1 pair €
92%cotton 5%polyamid 3%elastan.
Unicorn patterns
Thick ABS socks for children with unicorns and rainbows

Terry cushioned ABS home socks for children with rubber stars underneath the sole to prevent slipping. With unicrons and rainbows or clouds.

Art. #D3134-B
 1 pair €
75%cotton 22%polyamid 3%elasthan.
With rainbow stripes
Over the knee socks with rainbow stripes

Over the knee socks with just about all the colors from the rainbow on a black background. From the Macahel label.

Art. #SLO-0272/0189
 1 pair €
72%cotton 26%polyamid 2%elastan.
With clouds cat and hearts
Kneehighs for babies with clouds, a cat, and little hearts

Set of three baby kneehighs with clouds, a cat with the text 'hello' underneath it, and one with little hearts.

Art. #60028-048
 3 pair €
75%cotton 22%polyester 3%elastan.
Apollo natural wool
Woolen men's homesocks with anti slip in beige and ecru

Thick woolen men's homesocks with antislip in ivory and beige. Due to the thickness this style can only be shipped in a box, so it might be handy to combine it with other items.

Art. #24355-001
 1 pair €
50%wool 30%polyacrylic 20%polyamid.