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Socks & legwear

All kinds of knee highs, tights, pantyhoses and socks.

If you are ordering from outside the Netherlands then your order will always be shipped in a parcel with track and trace. The shippingcosts will be clearly shown beforehand when you click the 'view basket' button in the top right corner after you have selected one or more items.

Returning items can be done without time limit as long as the items are not used.

If you experience any problems, or if you are looking for a specific type of socks that you can't find, please email or call us.

Some examples of our collection:
Men's socks patterned
Various stripes
Teckel socks for men with various stripes in navy and denim
Striped men's socks from teckel in dark blue and dark denim with a flat seam at the toes. Each of the socks have a differently striped pattern.
Art. #17038
 3 pair €7.00
23%polyamid 2%elastan
Pick size & color
Women's sneaker socks
Various patterns
Balck and white sneaker socks for women with various patterns
Seamless black and white women's sneaker socks in a bundle of three. Each set has three different prints with a black or white base color, and then the print in the opposite color.
Art. #31095-064
 3 pair €5.00
22%polyamid 3%elastan
Pick size & color
Children's socks plain
Pique with lace
Pique kid's socks with lace top
White sokcs for kids with a lace top, and en embroidered pique pattern. Sets of three pair.
Art. #R21094
 3 pair €5.00
19%polyamid 3%elastan
Pick size & color
Kid's socks patterned
Construction vehicles
Seamless socks for kids with building vehicles
Seamless kid's socks in dark jeans, light grey, and light jeans, with vehicles from construction sites like a digger, a dump truck, and a bulldozer.
Art. #R20869
 3 pair €5.00
19%polyamid 3%elastan
Pick size & color
Children's plain kneehighs
Ajour pelerines
White pelerines ajour knee highs
Open knitted white kneehighs with a cable pattern and a diamond like pattern in the center.
Art. #WH2270
 1 pair €2.50
13%polyester 11%nylon
Pick size & color
Children's homesocks patterned
Unicorn patterns
Thick ABS socks for children with unicorns and rainbows
Terry cushioned ABS home socks for children with rubber stars underneath the sole to prevent slipping. With unicrons and rainbows or clouds.
Art. #D3134-B
 1 pair €3.00
22%polyamid 3%elasthan
Pick size & color
Women's kneehighs plain
Extra long with cable
Knee high with cable motif in black and beige extra long
Black and beige knee highs which have an enbroidered cable motif. They are extra long and reach just over the knee (without turn over), but are not as long as real overknees.
Art. #V4039
 1 pair €5.00
15%polyamid 5%elasthan
Pick size & color
Men's socks plain
Marcmarcs plain color
Seamless Marcmarcs men sock in burgundy, terra, and ochre
Cotton Marcmarcs socks with flat seam and non binding cuff. On this photo in burgundy red, terra (stone red), and ochre yellow.
Art. #91900
 2 pair €9.50
20%polyamid 5%elasthan
Pick size & color
Ladies overknees patterned
With rainbow stripes
Over the knee socks with rainbow stripes
Over the knee socks with just about all the colors from the rainbow on a black background. From the Macahel label.
Art. #SLO-0272/0189
 1 pair €5.00
26%polyamid 2%elastan
Pick size & color
Women's homesocks plain
Wool with anti slip
Woolen anti slip homesocks with cushion in grey and denim
Cushioned woolen home socks from Germany that resemble the somewhat cheaper Apollo brand. This type however has more wool, and they have a flat seam at the toe.
Art. #D6572
 1 pair €8.00
70%wool 18%polyamid
10%polyacrylic 2%elasthan
Pick size & color
Women's homesocks patterned
Terry with stripes
terry cushioned homesocks with anti slip and colored stripes
Terry cushioned anti slip socks with colored stripes (in navy, dark green, ochre yellow, and dark red) from the Yellow moon brand.
Art. #8601
 1 pair €4.25
5%polyamid 3%elastan
Pick size & color
Knee high socks
20 denier satin sheer anti press
20 denier anti-press knee high with wide top in dark colors
20 denier satin sheer kneehigh from Marianne with very soft anti press top. On this photo in graphite, black, navy, and antracite.
Art. #409
 1 pair €3.50
Pick size & color
Children's socks plain
Yellow moon seamless
Yellow moon socks for kids in navy, black, and grey
Set of two pair Yellow moon kid's socks in dark blue, black, and two grey tones. The toe has a flat seam for sensitive feet.
Art. #6100
 2 pair €5.00
22%polyamid 2%elastan
Pick size & color
Men's socks patterned
Big size thin stripe
Big sized men's socks in black and grey with stripes
Socks for men in a big size with a thin stripe, which in turn has three smaller stripes in it. With flat seam and non pressure top.
Art. #R31018
 3 pair €8.00
17%polyamid 3%elastan
Pick size & color
Baby socks plain
Plain with turnover cuff
Baby socks plain in various colors
Solid colored baby-socks with turnover cuff which of course can be rolled back to make them a bit longer if so desired. Available in blue, navy, white, pink, ivory, and grey.
Art. #4182
 1 pair €1.75
20%polyamid 5%elastan
Pick size & color
Men's ankle socks
Ultrasox with cushioned sole.
Black sneakersocks with a higher heel and terry cushioned sole
Very soft black seakersocks with a higher heel against slipping, and a terry sole with the size woven into it. With flat toeseam and embroidered size.
Art. #sneaker-bsz-000
 3 pair €7.50
10%polyamid 5%elastan
Pick size & color
Women's socks patterned
With various animals
Grey Apollo ladies socks with various animal prints
Set of five pair women's socks in grey tones with an ape, flamingo, puma, giraffe, and elephant print. The prints are all over the sock, so also on the foot.
Art. #30421-030
 5 pair €9.00
22%polyester 3%elastan
Pick size & color
Children's sneaker socks
Colored heel and toe
Sneakersocks for kids with a colored heel and toe
kid's sneaker socks with very small dots and bright colored cuff, heel, and toe. The choices at the color options refer to the color of the cuffs.
Art. #30095-085
 3 pair €5.00
22%polyester 3%elastan
Pick size & color
Men's socks plain
Big size
Blue cotton men's socks in a big size
Big size men's socks (up to UK size 19) in a set with dark jeans, navy blue, and light jeans. They are seamless and with non pressing cuff.
Art. #R31042
 3 pair €9.00
17%polyamid 3%elasthan
Pick size & color
Children's tights patterned
With dots 2-pack
Tights with dots for kids in a set of 2 pair
Tights with dots in a set of two pair with dark navy plus ochre yellow, or petrol plus lilac. The navy is very dark and looks like black on the photo.
Art. #40421-008
 2 pair €8.50
20%polyester 5%elasthan
Pick size & color
Men's work socks
Apollo worker
Sets of cotton worksocks in black, grey, and navy
Sets of three pair cheap worker socks, all three the same color, which have a re-inforced heel and toe. Cotton rich and with a terry cushioned sole.
Art. #22430
 3 pair €6.00
22%polyester 3%elastan
Pick size & color
Toe covers
Cotton toe covers in black and nature
Sort of half a footie which only covers the front of the foot. It stays in place because the elastic falls behind the ball of the foot.
Art. #519
 2 pair €3.50
40%polyamid 5%elastan
Pick size & color
Men's plain kneehighs
Wide top and flat seam
Knee highs for men with wide top and flat seam
Men's kneehigh in navy, dark grey, and black with a wide subtle top and a flat toe seam. The wide top prevents pressure on the legs.
Art. #D6462
 2 pair €9.00
22%polyamid 3%elastan
Pick size & color
Women's sneaker socks
With silicon heel
Women's sneaker socks with silicon heel in white
Invisible low cut sneaker socks (do not peek out above your shoes) with a silicon strip just below the welt of the heel, so they stay in place.
Art. #51600
 3 pair €6.00
23%polyamid 2%elastan
Pick size & color
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