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Black lace pantyhoses from sarlini

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Item number: 16280-080

Sarlini lace pantyhoses in black with cotton crotch and reinforced toe. Size 44-46 (UK 16-18) has an extra gusset.

90% polyamid 10% elasthan

1 pair € 7.00
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Other lace panty hoses

Marianne flower motif
Marianne pantyhoses with flower motif
Patterned pantyhose from Marianne which look like lace. They are 40 denier, but because it's half open knitted they look thinner than that.
Art. #30004
1 pair € 7.50
90% polyamid
10% elastan
Marianne pantyhoses with flower motif
Open squares with circles
Pantyhose with open knitted squares
Meshed pantyhose with a diamond pattern all over the leg. Looks like lace, but it's 30 denier nylon.
Art. #T2
1 pair € 3.00

100% polyamid
Pantyhose with open knitted squares
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