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Soft men's bed socks with rib in plain colors

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Item number: 21033-002

Very soft bed socks for men with some guts. According to the label that is, which says 'for the brave'. They look a bit narrow on the photo, but they are loosely knit and stretchable.

72% polyester 24% polyamid 4% elastan

2 pair € 7.00
E.U.U.K.6.5 up to 11

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Other bed socks for men

Soft bed socks in grey, black, and stripes
Soft bed socks for men with a loose knit cuff so it doesn't constrain the blood flow during sleeping. Available in grey and black, or a striped mix that also has white in it.
Art. #D2237
1 pair € 3.25
97% Polyester
3% Elastan
Soft bed socks in grey, black, and stripes
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