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Bed socks in brique and old pink, or with ivory and beige

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Item number: 15036

Very soft (fluffy) bed socks from the Basset label in plain light colors. One set has brique and old pink, while the other has ivory and beige.

98% polyester 2% elastan

2 pair € 7.00
E.U.U.K.3 up to 8

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The same bed socks in other colors

Basset fluffy bed socks
Fluffy bed socks in various colors
Fluffy Basset socks for in bed that are very soft to the touch. Sets of two pair with eucalyptus with ice blue, or dark grey with black.
Art. #15036
2 pair € 7.00
98% polyester
2% elastan
Fluffy bed socks in various colors
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